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Ashley's Absent-Minded Rambling [entries|friends|calendar]
~Ash Luffs Yew~

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[14 Nov 2004|08:53am]
Haven't updated in awhile.. oh well.

Side-note: Carrie i love you lolololol thanks for that.

Mkay fill this out, bitches!

I committed suicide:
I said I liked you:
I kissed you:
I lived next door to you:
I started smoking:
I stole something:
I was hospitalized:
I ran away from home:
I got into a fight and you weren't there:
I had an eating disorder:
I madeout with your relative:
I got wasted:

kiss my ass♥

[05 Oct 2004|05:41pm]

Like Oh my god Trevor, please get a life. :-P

who're my crazy bitches?

note to trevor~ stop obsessing over linda's ass!

Stole the following pics from Lindz:


hot lesbian lovers. HA

ha.. well maybe just for one night..

Matt & his ragged dick.

underage hotties. <3 gotta love em. Katie, Becca, & Lindz.

thats it FUCKERS!

kiss my ass♥

[27 May 2004|09:04am]
I'm so tired. It's really hott in here. Stayed home from school today. Take that you bitches. HAH.
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[07 May 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I think Mike is the stupidest kid ever. He changed my livejournal to like.. czechoslavakian or something and he couldn't read it and then he had to go on some translation site just to figure out what the stupid gay thing was saying. Mike, I love you though. Ha. Dork.

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You suck at life [07 May 2004|08:52pm]
I'm making a livejournal. Well, I've already made it. But yeah. Anyways, yeah. Ha. I am so boring. Will post later. <33
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